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DS-11 Form (US Passport Renewal Application) 2016-2018

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What is a DS 11 Form?

A Form DS-11 is used in the United States in order to apply for a passport.

Every U.S. resident is able to use this document in case he or she wants to get a passport for the first time, renew it, or replace it if it has been accidentally lost, damaged or stolen.

If you are a minor and you want to get the document, it is required to appear in-person to your local agency.

You will need to take with you any papers that can prove your citizenship and identity. Also be aware that it’s necessary to prepare a passport-sized photo in advance and to pay special fees. In case you want to renew your document, you may apply online by sending a fillable application by mail.

Requirements for DS-11 Applicants

Before filing documentation, make sure you have satisfied all outstanding requirements.

You can apply for your passport for the first time (with this form) only if you have never done it before and you are under the age of 16. If you are older you have probably been issued a passport more than 15 years ago. Another legal reason is the risk of loss, thievery or damage.

There is also a renewing necessity in case you have legally changed your name. Keep in mind, that your documents will eventually expire. For instance, a passport made for a minor become expired after five years, and those which are made for adults may be considered legal for only ten years.

Steps for Completing the PDF Template

Find any digital library or try our fillable DS-11 form in PDF. An electronic version of the template can be filled in a few clicks or you can even print it and fill out manually.

Be sure to include the following information to the blank fields:

  1. Applicant’s personal data, such as name, place of birth and physical description, such as height and weight;
  2. Contact data, including mailing and permanent address, email and phone numbers;
  3. Whether you’re applying for a book, card or both;
  4. Parents’ information (if you’re a minor);
  5. Whether your name has been legally changed;
  6. Possible travel plans and an emergency contact.

Don’t forget that you have the option to file a form DS 11 online straight from the website.

Processing Time

The whole procedure usually takes between four to six weeks. However, it may take more time depending on your personal situation. If the situation is urgent, it’s advisable that you request expedited service. That way, your application will be processed in two or three weeks. You also have the option to schedule a visit to a local agency of the National Passport Information Center in advance or just use the service of an express expediter. Such services often provide online assistance.

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