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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to notarize ds-3053

Instructions and Help about how to notarize ds-3053

Well now we're going to turn our attention to the details of how to complete notary services when someone brings a document for notary services that person may not realize that not all documents qualify for the notary services for example sometimes a client wants a notary to a place a notary seal on a set of academic records or birth certificate just in order to make them look more official perhaps they'll be sending the document to a foreign country and you know they'll have been given instructions to have let's say academic records notarized now as you already know the notary is not permitted to put a notary seal impression on any document or anywhere for that matter unless the document meets the criteria for a notary seal in other words the notary seal may not be used on documents that do not have proper new toriel wording either printed on the document or attached to the document the notary may never use the notary seal or even the notary public title for any purpose other than for rendering notorious services and doing either of these may cause a notary publics Commission to be revoked or suspended or if the notary is seeking a new application for let's say recommission that notary application can be denied now let me clear up a very important point we often talk about notarizing documents but that's not really accurate a notary doesn't notarize documents a notary note arises signatures on a document the difference between the two is absolutely critical and understanding this is essential in providing notary services for the public in the previous example I just gave you let's say a client brings an academic record or a birth certificate to a notary and once these documents notarized however now you understand that since we don't notarize documents but signatures own documents you should be able to easily see why you cannot simply place your notary seal on that type of document the document must have a place for the signature of a person requesting the notorious services and it must contain proper note oriole wording academic records birth certificates vital records and documents like these don't have either of these really important features of course it really ought to be obvious that a notary may not notarized his or her own signature on a document when somebody brings a document to a notary the notary must first examine the document and that's going to require that the entire document be present not just the signature page there are many documents that are multi-page and the notary wording is usually on the back signature page so often a client will only present the back signature page for the notary public to notarize the notary must require that the entire document be present or that notary has to decline that notary service look notaries are never responsible for the accuracy of the contents in the document unless of course.


Can I send a copy of the notarized Form DS-3053 through email or fax, or does the original copy need to be submitted?
Can I send a copy of the notarized Form DS-3053 through email or fax, or does the original copy need to be submitted? What happens if the DS 3053 form is not notarized? Where does an Indian passport holder, working in the UAE, have to get the form DS-3053 (parental consent for issuance of a US passport for minor children) notarized? Can it be from any notary or just from the US embassy? What is the procedure to apply for a DS-3053 from Karachi? Where in Mexico can I get a DS-3053? What is the smallest number that must be added to the number 3053 to be exactly divided by 8? I got 3053 rank in CUSAT CAT did I get CS or IT in SOE or CUCEK.i belong to Bihar? What do I need to notarize a document?
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