Form DS-11

Avoid Pitfalls while Filling DS-11 Form Online


Each person must have a valid passport as it can be requested in various situations. If it is damaged or lost, it can lead to limitation of some person's rights to execute certain actions. As it is an important identification document, you have to always keep it neat and sound.

If some troubles happen to it anyway, you have to immediately apply for a new one. Here a form DS-11, Application for New Passport, will help you. It is required to create a sample correctly to get a desirable result without any delays. In this article you will find some useful tips for preparing a template correctly and avoiding most common errors.

Steps to Fill out Digital Form

Today on the internet there are many different forms that can be completed online. The DS-11 template in PDF is not an exception. Taking advantage of a digital blank you can save some time and efforts. The process of creating it rather simple, because you need to just open a needed sample and insert the required details into fillable fields:

  • personal information (full name, gender, date and place of birth, address etc.);
  • marital status and occupation;
  • contact details.

After you have provided all the requested information, you have to attach some additional papers such as:

  • certificate of the U.S. citizenship;
  • identity document;
  • recent color photo.

Most Critical Aspects on a Passport Renewal Application

Despite the fact that procedure of preparing and filing a DS-11 PDF template is rather simple and fast, in some cases the individuals can make some mistakes. Later they can cause unnecessary delays or rejections. Among the frequently made errors are:

  • providing incorrect or insufficient data;
  • crossing outs in the fillable blank;
  • absence of additional documentation;
  • signing a sample without a request;
  • mailing a final application to the wrong address.

To eliminate such problems we offer you to take advantage of an online DS-11 blank. You can easily delete unnecessary information and retype the needed data correctly. It is possible to submit a completed file to a recipient straight from the source. Note that digital applications will be considered much more quickly. One more key point is that you mustn't sign a paper unless it is required by the authorized agent.