Form DS-11

DS 11 Passport Form Online - Guide for Newcomers


Each individual must have a neat and valid identification document. If it is lost or damaged, it may lead to some problems or undesirable consequences. Moreover, some of the individual`s rights to perform certain actions can be limited. Today a passport is essential part of our life as it may be required in a number of situations. For instance, when you want to get a loan or open an account in a bank, file a request for a visa or be employed for a new job.

In case, your identification paper is lost or expired, you have to apply for a new one. In this situation you have to prepare a DS-11 form, Application for the New U.S. passport. In this article you will find the answers to the typical questions related to creating and submitting a sample according to the requirements.

Who Must Prepare DS-11 Form?

When you need to renew your ID paper, you have to file an appropriate application. However, DS-11 is not the only possible sample for renewal. In order to define whether this template is suitable for your situation or not, we offer you to look through the criteria for creating it:

  • receipt of a first-time passport ;
  • replacement of a damaged or a stolen one;
  • renewal of an ID issued to an under-age up to 16.

If your case falls with one of the above-mentioned categories, you have to fill out the blank and then submit it to the nearest agency.

What Kind of Information Should be Specified?

A DS-11 is a two-page document that can be completed in paper version or electronically in PDF. However, take into account that a digital sample can be prepared in seconds, because all you need is to just insert the required details into fillable fields. Refer to the list of information required below:

  • individual`s personal details (name, gender, date and place of birth and address)
  • marital status;
  • occupation;
  • contact details.

After you fill out a digital template in PDF with the above-mentioned data, check if it is true and correct to avoid unnecessary delays or rejections.

Do I Need to Attach any Additional Documentation?

Completing your DS-11 form in PDF is not a final step. Remember to enclose a package of the following documents to your application:

  • a certificate of the U.S. citizen;
  • identity document;
  • recent color photo.