Form DS-11

Benefits of Passport Application DS 11 Online


Every day lots of people use their passports for different purposes. Some may need it for starting a new business or taking a loan in a bank, others for education or work. It is an important paper that establishes a person`s identity. The absence or loss of it can lead to undesirable consequences. Today the process of passport renewal is rather simple and fast. You just have to prepare a necessary file and submit it to the nearest agency. The application you need is a form DS-11. We are going to tell you how to prepare a sample in a matter of minutes as well as to give you some tips for filing it properly.

Who Needs to Use Form DS-11?

This application is not the only for renewing a passport. So, before you start creating it, look through the list of criteria according to which you have to file it:

  • replacement of a stolen or a damaged passport;
  • renewal of the one issued to an under-age up to 16;
  • receipt of a first-time one.

If you fall with one of the categories mentioned above, you should complete a fillable DS 11 template. To prepare it without any difficulties and reach the desired result much more quickly try a digital template in PDF.

List of Digital Form Advantages

Of course, you can submit a hard copy of an application. However, it is not so convenient as in case with an online template. We have compiled a list of advantages of a digital DS-11:

  • first of all, you can effortlessly type the required information just clicking the “Text” button;
  • unlike a paper, it is very easy to delete details provided accidentally or to correct the mistakes;
  • you have an ability to submit a completed sample straight from the source by email or fax;
  • an electronic copy of your application can be saved to your device in no time. So, you will always have it at hand;
  • one more benefit is that applications submitted online will be processed much more quickly in comparison with their hard copies.

Creating a document online, you can get rid of long queues in the agency and file it anytime, anywhere from any device. However, if it is necessary, you have an ability to print out your final DS-11 form in seconds from the source.