Form DS-11

What Data Is Required for Digital Form DS-11?


Form DS-11 is a document used to apply for:

  • First-time passport.
  • Replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged document.
  • Renewal of an expired passport.
  • Renewal of a certification issued to a minor age 15 (or younger).

The fillable template is available on the Internet in the PDF format. You may fill out the blank online or print it out to complete by hand. Read the following information to clarify some points of the process of application.

How to Prepare the DS-11 Form Online?

Note that usually instructions are included with each form. If you can’t find any guideline attached, it might be not a legal version of the document.

Before filling the form DS 11, read attentively all the field labels not to miss any important detail. Try to complete all gaps and don’t make any false and untruthful statements. This may lead to a fine and even imprisonment. Incomplete applications usually lead to delays and denials of your passport.

The Form will take about 85 minutes to prepare. The following information has to be included in the sample:

  1. Full name.
  2. Sex.
  3. Social Security Number.
  4. Date and place of birth.
  5. Contact information.
  6. Your previous names.
  7. On the second page provide required data about your parents, spouse, your eye and hair color, your height etc.
  8. Mention your travel plans.
  9. Indicate your permanent address and additional telephone number.

Once you have completed, show the online form ds-11 to an agent at a passport acceptance facility or regional agency. Note that you’ll need additional papers. Prepare the proof of the United States citizenship, confirmation of the fee paid, proof of identity and recent color photographs.

In case, you decided to create DS-11 offline, just print out the blank and provide all the necessary information. Remember to use only blank ink and write legibly.

How Long Does it Take to Process the Application?

Processing may take between 4 and 6 weeks. However, it may require more time as well as less. Individual who need to get a passport in a short time can request expedited service (2-3 weeks). In this case applicants have to visit first a regional US passport agency.