Form DS-11

What is The DS-11 Form Necessary for?

There are a lot of cases you may apply for the US citizen passport using DS-11 form. Some people may want to change their lives and start working, studying or just living in the United States. Also, ds 11 passport application form should be filled in by those who need to renew expired document. Those who have to receive their document instead of the damaged or lost will also deal with this sample. The person who is under the legal age should send this application with the help of parents or tutors.

The blank can be completed online with the help of our website. You can fill it online from your smartphone, laptop or computer with internet connection. Note, that you will have to attach additional documents to your application, such as the proofs of identity, photos, bank receipt. To do that submit a photocopy or scan all the needed attachments.

How should one submit the passport application DS-11?

First of all, click on the “Start now” button. You will be redirected to the editor. At the beginning of the template, you will see the instructions. Read all of them carefully in order to make no mistakes.

Start to complete the form using the following recommendations:

  1. Scroll to the fifth page. Indicate your name, surname, and personal information.
  2. Say what kind of the document you apply for.
  3. Add your contacts and postal address.
  4. Include your other names (if there was any).
  5. If someone fills in the sample for the other person, they are obliged to add their personal details.
  6. Include the photo and the reason why the new passport is necessary.
  7. Do not sign the document before the authorized agent checks the data you provided.